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MAGA ‘20 Means the
Ultimate MAGA Party!

President Trump will make his announcement for re-election on June 18, but we’re not waiting!
On Saturday June 15 from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM EASTERN TIME, we are asking all people all across America to get UMPED 4 Trump!
June 15 is the day after President Trump’s birthday and the day after is Father’s Day. What better days to sandwich a celebration of President Trump’s iconic entry into politics.
So grab a few friends and family, especially Dad, and let’s all get UMPed!









Register Your Ultimate Maga Party!




Gather your most patriotic friends and family and host an Ultimate MAGA Party!  Wear your Red MAGA hat proudly and shine that flag wildly for a BIGLY Trump win in 2020.



If people think the president’s ability to gather thousands of Americans in ONE place at ONE rally is a big deal, wait until they see how many parties across this country we can put together for arguably the best president in modern history…USA-USA-USA!



Imagine how huuuuuuuuuge we can make the rally of all rallies if we host one in every neighborhood across America. We’ll drive them “socialist wackos” crazy!  We are the silent majority that is silent no more.  



“And the greatest phase, I think, in the history of politics is on those red and white hats that I see out there: Make America Great Again,”

Donald J. Trump

President of the United States

join us

Wear the red MAGA hat on June 15 and let’s fight back in one of the most free of all ways: through freedom of speech and assembly.
Invite a few friends over for food and libation, and by all means TALK POLITICS!
Speak up for what you believe in and show your support for President Trump.
Let’s give the fake news media a ride on the Trump Train.
Promises Made, Promises Kept!  Prepare for VICTORY in 2020 and remember to HAVE FUN!
And grassroots America has responded to these remarkable results and the booming Trump economy with their generous support of our campaign Lara Trump

Senior Advisor to Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.




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